Press release, published in July 2023

The Council of Ministers has decided to award a total of 4 billion euros from the National Growth Fund to 18 projects that will ensure long-term economic growth and future prosperity. This decision was made based on a proposal submitted by Ministers Micky Adriaansens of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and Sigrid Kaag of Finance and following the advice of chair of the board Rianne Letschert from Maastricht University. Economic growth allows us to continue to invest in areas such as healthcare, education, and measures to combat climate change. Growth also creates more income, ensuring we remain prosperous in the future.

In this third round, the committee advised the government to award 4 billion euros from the National Growth Fund. Conditions still apply for some of these grants. For a total of 1.9 billion euros earmarked for proposals, funding is contingent on further steps to be taken by applicants before a final decision is made. 

The government has awarded the highest grant, 412 million euros, to the development of circular solar panels. Conditions still apply to part of this grant, in the amount of 277 million. The project aims to produce solar panels using fewer critical raw materials and to make the Netherlands less dependent on the foreign production of panels. By improving sustainability, for example using sustainable ships, the maritime sector aims to become future-proof. For this purpose, the government has decided to award 210 million euros to the Maritime Master Plan. Conditions still apply to part of this grant, in the amount of 110 million. 

As the demand for healthcare is climbing along with staff shortages, a 20% deficit in surgical capacity is expected by 2030. To boost training capacity and provide plenty of additional training and courses, a change or development within the healthcare training sector needs to be realised. The DUTCH project will replace some of the healthcare training programmes’ practical training hours by physical and virtual simulations to give healthcare professionals an accelerated and more all-round education. The National Growth Fund is investing a maximum of €132 million in the project. Conditions still apply to part of this grant, in the amount of 84 million.

The quality of school buildings has a clear impact on students’ and teachers’ performance and health. A conditional grant of 275 million euros from the Growth Fund should lead to cost savings in the construction of new school buildings. The government is also setting aside another 209 million  euros of National Growth Fund financing for innovations that can help achieve these goals.  

National Growth Fund

The National Growth Fund was founded in 2020 with the goal of boosting the Netherlands’ sustainable earning capacity. In cooperation with initiators, the National Growth Fund is investing in projects that ensure sustainable economic growth in the longer term. The National Growth Fund has earmarked a total of €20 billion for investments in Knowledge Development and Research, development and innovation. During the first two rounds, the government budgeted 7.8 billion euros for conditional and definitive grants, including earmarked funding for various projects. The first projects are currently underway. 

In the third round, the various Ministries worked with public and private parties on proposals submitted to the Growth Fund. Via a grant scheme of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), consortiums were also able to submit their investment proposals directly. Consortiums consist of companies, knowledge and educational institutions, government bodies, social organisations and other parties. 
Link to projects with amounts for definitive and conditional grants and earmarked funding: Would you like to receive a summary of the advisory report or project summaries from the third round of the National Growth Fund? Please kindly contact us at, and you will receive these summaries by email.