The National Growth Fund

With the National Growth Fund the Dutch government will earmark € 20 billion for the periode 2021-2025 for project investments in two fields which have the highest potential for structural and durable economic growth.

The two fields with the highest potential for structural and economic growth are:

  1. knowledge development
  2. research, development and innovation

Till the end of 2021 there was a third field: infrastructure. With the start of the new government this field has been transferred to the Mobility Fund.

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Mission of the National Growth Fund

The National Growth Fund allocates funding to projects with the highest potential of contributing to our national earning capacity, or in other words, to durable economic growth.

This will eventually benefit society as a whole. Economic growth increases the disposable income of our citizens enabling the government to continue its investments in health care and education.

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Committee procedures

The committee consists of ten members and has been established for the proper, objective and independent assessment of the project applications. The committee assesses the project applications on the basis of set criteria and issues a strong recommendation to the government in regard of the project grants. The government will subsequently follow or reject the recommendation on the project application investments.

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Primary conditions and criteria

The committee has prepared a framework of conditions and criteria for the proposal assessments. This analysis framework includes three primary conditions and four criteria.

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Results first and second assessment round

The results of the first assessment round were published in April 2021. Read the press release about this publication.

The results of the second assessment round were published in April 2022. Read the press release about this publication

Government allocates €646 million to projects designed to boost economic growth

Press release, published in April 2021

The government is injecting €646 million into and setting aside €3.5 billion for ten projects designed to ensure greater economic growth in the Netherlands. The government intends to invest these sums, which will be allocated from the National Growth Fund, in green hydrogen, innovative and future-proof education methods and the extension of Amsterdam's North-South metro line, among other things. In awarding grants to these projects, the government is adopting the recommendation issued by the proposal assessment advisory committee led by Jeroen Dijsselbloem in full. The news was announced by the Ministers Van 't Wout (Economic Affairs and Climate Policy) and Hoekstra (Finance). 

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