Mission of the National Growth Fund

The National Growth Fund allocates funding to projects with the highest potential of contributing to our national earning capacity, or in other words, to durable economic growth.

This will eventually benefit society as a whole. Economic growth increases the disposable income of our citizens enabling the government to continue its investments in health care and education.

The need for the fund

Our country is facing major challenges. Our production stagnates and our population is ageing. The economic competition from other countries is getting stronger. Moreover, we must take steps to combat climate change.

Prosperity seems to be a given, but it is not. We need to continue working on enhancing our economy to remain an attractive country with high living standards and business potential. There are many areas in which people collaborate on projects paving the way for innovation, and improvement.  

The National Growth Fund allocates investments to projects with the highest potential of contributing to structural economic growth. This is done in collaboration with the project initiators and other investors.

A proposal assessment advisory committee has been instituted to manage the affairs of the National Growth Fund. This committee acts as an independent entity. On the basis of a set of primary conditions and criteria this committee assesses the submitted project applications with the assistance of external experts. Subsequently, the committee issues a recommendation to the government about project grants.