The committee has prepared a framework of conditions and criteria for the proposal assessments. This analysis framework includes three primary conditions and four criteria.

The three primary conditions are:

  1. Public value: the public benefits of the project outweigh the costs.
  2. Surplus value of the government: without the Growth Fund companies or authorities would not be able to implement the project.
  3. Government role. the project is of national interest so a government contribution is logical.

The four criteria are:

  1. Positive effect on the Gross Domestic Product (economic growth, expressed in per capita GDP): the contribution to the structural earning capacity of the Netherlands in proportion to the requested investment.
  2. Strategic basis of the objectives, the extent of improvement and connection with the growth potential, international challenges and transitions of society.
  3. The quality of the project plan: coherence and detail (including milestones, evaluation, result indicators and risk analysis), practical and financial feasibility.
  4. The quality of cooperation and governance: the experience of the applicants, a clear cooperation and decision-making structure, and detailed commitments of the parties involved.

The results of the first assessment round were published in April 2021. Please find a press release about this publication.

The results of the first assessment round were published in April 2022. Please find a press release about this publication.