Committee procedures

The committee consists of ten members and has been established for the proper, objective and independent assessment of the project applications. The committee assesses the project applications on the basis of set criteria and issues a strong recommendation to the government in regard of the project grants. The government will subsequently follow or reject the recommendation on the project application investments.

The committee acts independently and adapts is own procedures and analytical methods. The committee also seeks to establish diversity in its composition in order to advance continuous debate and alertness among the committee members. The committee has laid down its procedural rules and regulations (link to document following publication Netherlands Government Gazette or advisory report). This set of rules and regulations clearly states the ways in which various interests are weighed in order to ensure an independent decision making process.

Expert support

The Committee uses expert analyses in regard of the investments allocated by the National Growth Fund to the specific fields. A wide range of knowledge institutions are at hand to assist the committee depending on the nature of the proposals submitted.

The Netherlands Bureau for Economic Planning Analysis (CPB) has been assigned the special task of independent expert. The CPB assesses the proposals on the basis of its own criteria such as legitimacy, efficiency and effectiveness and acts as co-assessor for the selection as an independent institution. The CPB discloses its analyses at the same time as the recommendations issued by the committee.

Three project assessment recommendations

The committee issues three different recommendations:

  1. Direct grants: a submitted project proposal or specific part thereof has been approved and requires no or only minor further modification. The committee advises the government to issue a grant.
  2. Conditional grants:  project proposals or parts thereof qualify but require improvement on some points. The committee advises the government to issue a grant with conditions. The grant will be made available after the committee has established that the conditions have been met.
  3. Reservation: the committee acknowledges the potential  and possibilities of parts of the proposal but advises the government to refrain from allocating the entire investment at this point. This may apply to projects or parts thereof  which have already received a positive recommendation but still require further information on a number of points and aspects. This may also be the case when the committee acknowledges the potential of parts of a project. These specific parts need to be submitted to the assessment advisory committee as a new project.

Progress and accountability

Upon the government’s grant of project investments, the committee will monitor the progress of these investments. The committee will also reflect on its activities in an accountability report.

Employees of the National Growth Fund executive staff will support the committee with all aspects of its activities.